The Bistrot Card

Our entries

Duck Foie Gras, Parsnips and Apples, Onion Compote 15.00
Duck Breast in Tataki, Wok of Vegetables and Sesame 13.00
Perfect Egg, Chanterelles, Meat Juice and Croutons 11.50
Crab Bisque, Rust and Cantal Entre-deux 13.00

Our dishes

Duck Breast, Pineapple and Caramelized Celery with Raspberry Vinegar 22.00
Braised Beef Cheek with Red Wine, Steamed Cabbage with Bacon 21.00
Duck Confit, Like a Fire Pot, Seasonal Vegetables 19.00
Fillet of Beef, Millefeuille of Potatoes and Reduced Juice * 24.00
Fillet of Bar, Butternut and Citrus Emulsion 23.00


Plate of cheese 8.00

Our Desserts (To be ordered at the beginning of the meal)

Exotic Fruits Flambéed with Rum and Honey, Caramelized Sabayon 8.00
Revisited Lemon Tart 8.00
Chocolate-Praline Bar, Whipped Cream and English Cream with Coffee Liqueur 8.00
Orange millefeuille, Vanilla ice cream and vanilla ice cream 8.00

Card Formula 37.00 €

Starter, Main Course, Cheese or Dessert

(*) An extra charge of 3 Euros will be charged for the menu map

Net prices, taxes and service included